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About Us

About Us

In the heart of Rome, at the Gianicolo‘s foothill, the magic atmosphere of an elegant country residence.

A secret garden, the park on three different levels and the Villa in all her beauty; the higer point, enjoy of a private and amazing view on the Eternal City.

Villa Sospisio. History of a unique home dipped into the green.

The orange and lemon tree runafter down the half of Gianicolo Hill. In the heart of Trastevere, in one of the most suggestive place of the Capital, is located Villa Sospisio.

The history of this location, probably beginning during the half of XVII Century but is not very clear. Unknown the architect and the first owner, altought the gardens of Villa Alibert and moreover the gardens of Pazzo Salviati, next to Via della Lungara, make us guess the common birth.

The story we know is recent and started when Guya Sospisio discover this place in the heart of Trastevere. It’s a wooden house surround by the vegetation overgrowth but she immediately guessed the beauty and potentiality. She get through the shrubs with a sickle and reach the amazing six hundred fountain. She felt in love with this place and it’s authenticity: she must have it! After years of passionate works , this beautiful house becomes in Guya’s hands Villa Sospisio, with the magnificent Ninfeo in the center of the main hall. Curious, unexpected, charming, Villa Sospisio is the house you can’t belive.

The entrance at n. 22 of Via San Francesco di Sales, is a wooden front door, behid that there is a winter garden with Ficus Benjamin trees, then the main saloon room with the Ninfeo and opposite a beautiful door-windows that put forward to the italian’s style garden. The yellow of the Jasmin, the purple of the glycine, the boucanvillee and the scent of the zagara, the laurel, palm camelias, peach-bossoms, almond…is definitely a triumph! The garden of the Villa, borders on the Botanical Garden of Rome, towards via della Lungara, so the sunniness is optimal.

There is no doubt: Villa Sospisio is one of those hidden place that leave you openmouthed.

Micol Moraldi, Villa Sospisio’s new face.

"Good blood does not lie," says the old proverb that has its roots in genetics. And Micol, daughter of Guya Sospisio, is its living proof. From her mother she inherited not only charm and beauty, but also the spontaneous smile, the tenacious character and determination, to be pragmatic, to solve problems, and to enrich each event with that certain something that makes a difference. Micol is a talented young businesswoman who turned a new page in Villa Sospisio’s history.

Villa Sospisio is in the heart of Rome but immersed in lush green gardens. This house is a piece of history of the city, a unique place, a natural set with a 3000 sq m. garden. In this place we have welcomed great directors, from Francis Ford Coppola to Michele Placido. This place has featured superstars such as Mel Gibson, Romina Power, Oscar award winner Dante Ferretti.

In a joyful and interesting context, Micol developed her entrepreneurial and dynamic personality, which makes her a contemporary woman all round. In Villa Sospisio’s activities she found her spontaneous and natural identity joggling between family life with a husband and two children and the professional one.